if i was a ghost i would do useful things like let the cat out or take flamable things off the stove and sing to small children when they can’t sleep and terrify the fuck out of assholes hell yeah bitches. what was that? did I hear you make a derogatory remark about women? bam, your lamp is now on the floor what cha going to do punk? are you abusing that child? wambo, your walls are now bleeding motherfucker



Chungking Express 重庆森林 (1994) dir. Wong Kar Wai

story 1: Cop 223 + The Woman in the Blonde Wig


Frank Sinatra with his adoring fans, 1940s.


Mad respect for Park Jiyoung


The female crew member who guarded the passengers’ safety at the sacrifice of her own. 289 people from the 475 involved in the Sewol ferry sinking are still missing. 

Latest news had that 3 divers involved in the rescue mission were missing as well. 

Pls keep them in your prayers!



Maisie Williams reacting fact that “selfie” was chosen as Oxford’s word 2013



make me choose

 asked: robin scherbatsky or maria hill


Rosamund Pike for W Magazine May 2014, photographed by David Fincher



At every step, every gust of wind, I’d like to be able to say ‘Now..’, no longer ‘forever’ and ‘for eternity’. To take the empty seat at a card game and be greeted by others, even if just with a nod. It would be nice to come home after a long day and feed the cat like Philip Marlowe, or to have a fever, or get your fingers black by the newspaper. To be excited not just by the mind, but by a meal, the curve of a neck. To lie! Through one’s teeth! To feel your bones as you walk along. For once just to guess instead of always knowing…

Wings of Desire (1987), Wim Winders



poster for the hit gay porn film, reservoir dogs